Your Guide to Identifying Basic Refrigeration Tools

With the coming of refrigerators, the process of preserving food and drink became easy. Refrigerators are in fact one of the most useful appliance units in the household. It is for this reason that Refrigeration service is thriving. Whenever something is wrong with the refrigerator unit, the most practical thing to do is call for technicians to fix it. If there is nothing they can do, that is the time that you think about buying a new one.

If in this case, you have basic knowledge about fixing refrigeration unit, you should gather your tools and see what you can do before calling someone else. Quality refrigeration service tools are crucial. These tools are utilized to perform preventive maintenance at the same time repair air conditioners. To help you get started, here are the basic refrigeration tools that you should be familiar with:

•Swagging tool: a Swagging tool is used to expand the diameter inside a copper tube

so that it has the same diameter outside.
•Tube cutter: Tube cutter is used to cut outside diameter of the copper tubing from 1/8 to 1/2 inches size.
•Brazing torch: Brazing torch is used for soldering the copper tubes together. The torch produces 800 degrees Fahrenheit to successfully solder.
•Adjustable wrench: This kind of wrench has an adjustable jaw. It is usually 6 inches, which can easily fit the toolbox.
•Phillip screwdriver: This type of screwdriver has cross driving at its end.
•Flat edge screwdriver: This type of screwdriver has flat driving at its end. Most service technicians recommend eight-inches screwdriver with ¼ inches blade width.
•Long nose plier: As the name suggests, it is a type of plier with a pointed nose. Choose a seven-inches long nose plier for a start.
•Pipe wrench: This is the type of wrench that can be used to fasten pipes and tubes.
•Nut drivers: This kind of driver is used to remove or drive bolts and nuts.
•Round file: Round file is hardened steel that is elongated to cut the ridges.
•Tape measure: This steel tape measure can be used in many things, not just refrigeration. It will serve as your measuring device.
•Drill gun: Drill guns are handy tools that can create new holes for the bolts.
•Hacksaw: a Hacksaw is a hand tool utilized to cut iron bars, iron pipes, PVC pipes and many more.
•Carpenter’s saw: If you need to cut on wood, a carpenter’s saw is the best tool for it.
•Gauge manifold: Gauge manifold is an important tool that will tell you if you are fixing it right. This will gauge the pressure of refrigerator and even for the air conditioner.

This can serve as your checklist. The list goes on but if you want to have a career in refrigeration services, you should gather all the necessary tools to be successful.

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