Who knew Lie Detector Tests have disadvantages too?

People lie a lot and there’s no way to avoid it especially if you are lying to save yourself. it is proven that a typical person would lie thrice a day. Even if it’s only a white lie or not, a lie is still a lie and it would affect other persons, depending on the situation. It’s hard to catch someone lying because of the fact that there is no proof. And unless you want to torture him/her into telling the truth, then you really won’t get anything from that person once he/she is adamant about not speaking the truth.

People all over the world have been looking for a way to get the truth from someone especially when there are huge issues at hand like when there are crimes being committed by another person but would still maintain his or her innocence even if the evidence are all pointing at her. One way which is very well-known is called a lie detector test. But it’s not only used by officials to interrogate a suspect, it can also be used for numerous reasons. But one thing is for sure, it also has its own fair share of drawbacks even if it is mostly seen as an advantage by a lot of people. 

One huge problem with a Lie Detector Test

Because of the fact that you can only find out if a person is lying or not is by measuring his physical and physiological response, some of the results can be unreliable because other people when asked to take this test might be nervous and stress out which could affect the end results. Others would also be so calm and collected which means they could easily control their physical reactions rendering the results to be inconclusive. The examiner also couldn’t tell if he/she is lying because he could only base it with the physiological reactions which can be faked by the one taking the test.

Employers asking their employees to take the test could mean risking their trust

Some employers would ask their employees to take a polygraph test especially if there was an issue in their workplace or something more serious. This also means that the employee might harbor a resentment because his employer doesn’t trust him/her even if he/she has been loyal for a very long time. this will greatly affect their performance even if they have passed the test.

Taking a Lie Detector Test also means potentially wasting your time

Even if a company has a protocol of having their future employees take a lie detector test, this could mean that they will be very nervous and tensed up when taking the test and this could really affect the results of the test. Even if you already have told them about the test, it cannot be avoided for them to be afraid or stressed out while taking it and you can’t really blame them. Having them take it again and again is a waste of time and the decision is yours to take if you want to have them retake the test until it’s conclusive enough.

There have been a lot of speculations whether or not a lie detector test is worth it, but based on the many accounts of people who have taken this test and those who mediated it, it really is very useful. But the fact that there are still disadvantages to it remains the same.

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