What about the excess fluid retention when taking Anadrol!!

Anadrol is a powerful and fast acting steroid. The women are not recommended to use the Anadrol. It has been seen that most of the athletes and bodybuilders procure the anabolic androgenic steroids illegally and one such steroid is the Anadrol. Their focus is primarily on its benefits and they shrig away its side effects. Most of the bodybuilders do not hear that the intake of the Anadrol may cause damage to the functions and organs of their body.

The side effects of the Anadrol are not mythological. The side effects produced by the Anadrol are milder in nature and are similar to the effects of other anabolic androgenic steroid. It has been seen that most of the users go through vomiting, nausea as well as the excess fluid retetion when taking Anadrol. With Anadrol a number of warnings and contraindications are noted. The Anadrol is not prescribed for long term use, because of its potential to cause side effects to the liver.

Some additional side effects of the Anadrol are very life threatening and severe. Some of them include blood filled cyst in the liver. Also, there are possibilities of changes in the blood lipid levels of the body. These side effects are accompanied with the side effects occurring as a result of changes in the LDL, low density lipoprotein or the high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. Oxymetholone is the generic name of the Anadrol.

The Anadrol is a prescription only drug. The bodybuilders are recommended to know about its chemical name along with its information before buying it from an underground lab. This steroid has the potential for stimulation of muscle growth. The individuals must keep in mind that this growth is for the undernourished as well as the malnourished patients in the medical scenarios. Also, this drug is known for promoting weight gain and reducing muscular atrophy, as per the medical scenarios. This has been used, as a drug for the treatment of the patients diagnosed with osteoporosis. Some of its benefits counteracted with its side effects. This is because; the Anadrol is no longer recommended for the treatment of the osteoporosis.

The Anadrol is a variation of the male hormone testosterone. One can collect information about the Anadrol, its half life and the process of doping tests from the bodybuilding websites as well as world anti-doping agency. The bodybuilders must always consult with a doctor or healthcare professional or the world anti-doping agency, so as to determine, whether the drug, which is supposed to be out up in their body has been banned or not.

Most of the individuals go through excess fluid retention when taking Anadrol. So, they are suggested to be aware of the mild as well as transitory and severe side effects of the Anadrol. Some of the side effects of the Anadrol depend upon its dosage, frequency of dosage along with the length of its use. This intake can contribute to a number of side effects to the body organs.

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