Weight loss surgery: Selecting the most appropriate option

There are many who have become obese, due to their leading a wrong lifestyle and eating junk and other unhealthy food. Obese is fast becoming a major concern across the globe and has been striking people of all ages, including children. Some people become extremely obese such that even normal exercise does not work on them. Today, numerous weight loss surgical therapies and procedures do exist which can offer the desired outcome. Hence, it is quite natural for the obese person to have this question in mind, “Which procedure will offer optimum benefit”.

Procedure effectiveness

It is by selecting the best procedure/therapy and the best team that the best weight loss results can be achieved. Excellent bariatric results could be achieved with the following:

1. Highly experienced and competent bariatric surgeons

2. Availing the therapies or surgical procedures at the top hospitals, equipped with the latest, modern and state of the art facilities, focusing on dietary, exercise and behavioral changes. Hospitals are to be maintaining international standards of protocol and hygiene.

3. Bariatric weight loss surgery cost in India is to be reasonable as most bariatric procedures might not be covered by insurance.

4. Weight loss surgery is to be performed by the best bariatric surgeon and with the patient being well informed about the procedure.

Be it adjustable gastric band surgery or laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgical procedure, the final outcome is likely to alter their food habits and lifestyle. Actually, the procedure helps the person to regulate his food portions and hunger. After the surgery, it is entirely up to the person to sustain continuing with the new look.

Things to consider while selecting a particular surgery type

1. Having realistic expectations: Generally, gastric bypass patients are noticed to lose about 70% of their excess weight. On the other hand, sleeve gastrectomy patients are found to lose about 60%, while gastric banding patients tend to lose about 50%. This entirely depends upon how well the patient follow-ups as well as commits to his lifestyle and dietary changes after the surgical procedure. Each surgical procedure is different and improves the overall quality of life and health.

2. Loose skin: It is regarded to be a reflect of weight loss in significant proportion, irrespective of the fact that the process is fast or slow. People undergoing any type of weight loss surgery are likely to experience loose skin.

3. Cost involved: Sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass in many European countries are found to be quite expensive when compared to adjustable gastric banding. If the person has to shelve money from his pocket for any type of surgical procedure to be availed, then he can check out weight loss surgery cost in India that is much inexpensive.

4. Lifestyle changes and follow-up: Crucial follow-up appointments with the physician and dietary changes are an absolute must for achieving optimum weight loss. Timely follow-ups are required in gastric band procedure for tightening the band. The other type of procedures does not require much or any follow-ups.

Consulting the physician will help the person to select the most appropriate weight loss procedure.

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