Understand the specialties of drinking Amla Green tea powder

If you are looking for the best choice of anti-oxidant product, then Amla Green tea powder is a right choice for all. Even though there are several numbers of the anti-oxidant products existing currently in the market, this Amla Green is such a great one with full of anti-oxidant properties and all other natural effects. It contains the most effective India gooseberries as the main ingredient. This is why it has become the most powerful choice of the anti-oxidant rich super food that will increase your metabolic health just within 3 minutes a day.

Powerful ingredients of Amla Green:

If you are choosing the Amla Green product for improving your overall health, first of all you should have to know more details about its powerful ingredients and you can visit company website for better clarifications. This Amla Green tea powder actually contains full of the best and high quality tasting ingredients in order to make the whole food tea. Thus, it tastes great and represents the real nutritional excellence. The powerful ingredients include,

  • Amla (Indian Gooseberries) – Most types of the amla is usually grown in India and it has full of anti-oxidant properties to remove unwanted toxins from the human body. With this main reason, this Amla Green product is using it as a key ingredient. This tea powder product is completely made from the wild harvested, organic and also non-farmed amla. Thus, it is 100 % organic with the wild harvested and purity tested amla then concentrated 20x in order to make the most powerful Amla Green tea powder.
  • Oolong green tea – The dark green oolong tea is moderately oxidized, rolled, roasted, hand sorted, dried and blended in this product for having the best characteristics of the smooth and mild flavored green tea.

With these two amazing ingredients, this Amla Green tea powder product has become great and powerful with full of the best anti-oxidant qualities.

Specialties of the Amla Green product:

If you are choosing the Amla Green product from its manufacturer, you can enjoy its real power and special benefits. They include,

  • Amla Green natural tea powder product is 75x more powerful powder than the Gojiberries which contain only a fraction of antioxidant power of the natural amla.
  • It is 50x better than the blue berries because they are 50 times weaker than the Indian gooseberries or amla when it comes to its antioxidant power.
  • This product is 60x really greater than the pomegranate which contains the potent antioxidant but not much than the amla.

At the same time, it is too powerful than black raspberries, turmeric and acai berries when considering the antioxidant properties. Everyone can visit company website online in order to get some more details about this product.

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