It is easy to assume that it is your fault you slipped and fell. What if it was not? What if your fall was caused by negligence of someone else? You need to find out if you are liable for compensation from Edmonton slip and fall claim lawyers, especially if the injuries caused are serious. You do not have to suffer quietly and incur costs of treatment yet you are entitled to a settlement. After such an accident, you need to talk to your lawyers to know where you stand as far as compensation is concerned.

Slip and fall to a pool because of no fence or warning sign

Different establishments have their own rules when it comes to use of space. Unfortunately, this is not usually implemented especially when it comes to signage and use of safety measures. If for example you or your child falls in a pool because there was no fencing and it is required, you should contact Edmonton slip and fall claim lawyers especially if you or your child sustain serious injuries because of the fall.

Walking surfaces that are not even

Some property owners prefer to save costs by hiring unskilled labor. Unfortunately this often results in uneven surfaces which could easily break your walk. This can sometimes result to a fall that can be serious. If this happens, it is your responsibility to save others from having to go through such a fall by seeking compensation. This could be the wakeup call for property owners to do things right because the cost of compensation is definitely heavier than the cost of hiring skilled labor.

Falling debris

Some property developers expect that walkers should watch their step even when they have debris falling in the construction process. Unfortunately this debris, negligible as it may seem may actually cause a lot of damage. If this happens and you slip and fall because of this, you need to contact Edmonton slip and claim lawyers to get compensation. This carelessness can only be taken care of with a hefty fine which will teach those in the construction industry the importance of clearing falling debris rather than leaving them lying on the ground waiting for an accident to happen.

Wet floor

When you walk through an establishment, you have probably seen signs warning you to walk carefully because of a wet or slippery floor. There is a reason why those signs are put in place. Should you slip and fall because you were not warned of a wet floor, those are grounds for seeking compensation. It is the responsibility of establishment owners to warn walkers of possibly wet floor especially when cleaning of the floors is taking place. Every precaution needs to be taken because if this does not happen and a person slips and falls, Edmond slip and claim lawyers will be at their door.

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