Relieve Your Soul By Exploring Dharma In Buddhism

Does the past haunt you? Do you feel troubled when you find that your past is resurfacing? Does your past karma give you goose bumps or do you have sleepless nights remembering and regretting your past actions? These are no new problem as most of the people have regrets and doubts in life. But what actually matters is that how you deal with present state and relieve your soul of the actions left unanswered.

Dharma has solution to everything and is a cure to every possible evil haunting you. Explore the real dimension of your soul by attaching with dharma and shed all the loads and live a free life again and breathe in fresh air without any negative force holding you back.

What is Dharma?

Dharma is a philosophy in many Indian religions which emphasizes on the right conduct of living and conducting yourself in life to attain salvation, that is, getting rid of incarnation and being born again and becoming a part of The Eternal. Dharma finds its root in the classical Sanskrit word- dhr which denotes to hold, maintain or keep and in its final form means “what is established”. It is just a basic translation and it is not possible to give a fixed meaning or definition to dharma as dharma is the oldest legacy of many religions with a history tracing back to thousands of years. Dharma is an impetus which has the power to make thousands of peoples to go to war without even realizing the true purpose. But this is not its true form.

Dharma in Buddhism is defined as the cosmic law and is denoted by the dharma wheel symbol. It means a guiding principle which shows the path of attaining the impossible through the path of peace, tolerance and mutual understanding. It is one of the most ancient words of Pali still used today according to Buddhist texts.

Dharma in Daily Life


Dharma in Buddhism lays great emphasis on the concept of meditation and self control. This can be practiced in daily life by very simple actions like meditating whenever you find time, avoiding use of foul language and not speaking in raised tone, maintaining pleasantness and politeness, showing kindness to animals and not harming or hitting them.

Dharma is not something superficial. It is a set of actions which make you good and remove bundles of negativity from your soul.


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