Pap smear test in relation to a woman

Health care experts are of the view that an educated living along with a healthy lifestyle are the norm of the day. Having a know how of the various medical conditions and being aware of routine medical examinations is the best way to lead your life. You need to take care of your body is important as it is the way that you are normally going to lead your life.

Women are part of examinations like breast exam, pelvic exam and a host of others. As far as a female body is concerned it is quiet different from how a male body operates. The respiration, excretion or digestive functions are same both in the case of men and women, the reproductive system tends to vary considerably both in case of men as well as women. In a female body there is a menstrual cycle coupled with the changes that does occur during childbirth or pregnancy. Because of such situations women are more prone to unique form of diseases of the  uterus, cervix ,ovaries etc. pap smear can detect pregnancy and for this reason it is suggested that women need to be part of such examinations the moment they touch 21 years or it could be 3 years of becoming physically active as well. The utility of such tests from the fact that function of the various body organs are figured out.

pap smear can detect pregnancy

It works out to be a simple procedure where the cells from the cervix are taken and then studied in the labrotory. A couple of samples are normally collected with the help of cervix brush. These cells are collected where a speciculum is inserted on to the vagina. This in Every newborn typically sleeps around 16 to 17 hours approximately each day with maximum of 2 to 4 hours of being awaken, day or night, for the first few week after birth.  In this however the fun fact is that the baby doesn’t sleep for more than 2 to 3 hours at a stretch with frequent feeding and comforting is

As per medical experts any woman is who above 21 years should conduct pap smear test regularly. Abnormal pap pregnant would require timely intervention at this juncture. The main cause of cervical cancer happens to be HPV that could be transmitted. Though the chances of a woman suffering from this form of disease is low if you did not have a  intercourse. For this reason the norm is to take this test when it is due. As per the point of the doctors they are going to conduct the test when it is due. The only difference that is observed when you conduct an abnormal Pap smear test when pregnant is an increase in the levels of bleeding.

The appointment of such tests needs to be fixed 10 to 15 days once the last period is over. Till the doctor wants to really check out the flow the doctor would never ask you to be part of a Pap smear test when you are menstruating. Before 24 hours of the surgery you need to refrain from any personal activity.

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