Marketing jobs Know the common types hired by companies

It is a fact that organizations of all sizes and domains are required to fill up their vacant marketing positions and to increase the number of heads to meet the growing targets and objectives of the company. However, it is important to know that the marketing team does play a crucial role to help the company to survive and succeed as well as to outdo competition. Since they are considered to be very first face of the organization, it becomes crucial to select them properly, so as to get the best results from them on time.


Before going ahead with the selection of the marketing team including hiring marketing manager, it is essential to understand the term ‘marketing and the type of jobs that needs to be filled up in the field of marketing. There are several specific jobs which are referred to. The marketing jobs are considered to be varied in structure and type. The candidate selected for the marketing position should actually love performing his tasks and enjoy it immensely.

Some common marketing jobs

Few marketing jobs may refer the position as account managers that are at times known as account executives. Generally, they are stated to be the point person to take up specific client accounts. Being an account executive, they are to help their clients to form appropriate strategies for marketing their businesses and to implement such strategies. They are also known as consultants for the clients. To become a successful account manager, the candidate is required to have excellent people skills, as there will be required dealing with various types of people every now and then.

Brand or product manager

The next position is that of a product / brand manager. In such marketing jobs, the candidates are responsible towards coming up with various types of strategies and to market publicity for brand names or physical products. They are to have better understanding and knowledge of the marketplace for the targeted services and products, as well as specific sets and target market niches. Their job entails focusing on marketing, but not on customer relations.

Marketing Managers

It is among the most common of all marketing jobs, where the candidate is expected to assume charge and responsibilities of all marketing decisions and activities taking place within the company’s marketing department. They also are needed to organize, communicate properly and timely with the others, analyse as well as manage the marketing department including the team to perform better and to exceed management expectations. They also are accountable for those working in the team under their supervision. The job role does demand them to have years of experience in every marketing role and should have good knowledge, skills, expertise and the knack to communicate well and hold other person’s or group’s attention.

Therefore, it can be noticed that there are varied types of marketing jobs that need to be filled up. Hence, it becomes important for the hiring professionals to be extra careful to select the right person for the position, so that they can enjoy their work and excel in the tasks assigned to them.

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