Make comparison between Anadrol and Dianabol!!

The Anadrol and Dianabol are two steroid sharing similar properties and effects. But also there are some differences as well that can easily determine which of the anabolics is better suited for his needs. The primary factor, which is considered and is important, is the potency of the Anadrol and the Dianabol. The main side effects that might arise from the intake of these steroids include stressed liver, increased blood pressure, etc.

This is believed that making a comparison between anabol and dianabol is adequate. There are a number of similar properties in between these two steroids, however, the Dianabol has been obtained from the testosterone and the Anadrol can be obtained from the dihydrotestosterone. Both these steroids are able to increase the strength and weight of steroids at equal doses. Dianabol is the powerful steroid produced in the history, after different forms of the testosterone. The Dianabol is practically a testosterone with a little change consisting of an addition of 1-2 carbon bond as well as 17a- methyl group.

The first change decrease the rate of conversion to estrogen and the second change allows the steroid to pass through the liver without being destroyed. The advanced users tend to take 40 mg in a day, whereas the beginner level users are supposed to use the only 20mg per day. This steroid is available in its tablets and injectable form. There is no major difference among two of these forms. The result of this steroid resists in two main things, irrespective of its forms. The primary thing is that it resists on being inactivated by the users. Secondly, it consists of the fact that the liver enzymes might be elevated as a result of the inactivation.

The bad effect of this steroid is that this elevation of the enzymes may stress up the liver of the individuals, but a positive thing from this elevation is that the active chemicals reach the blood without affecting the metabolism. The users can experience weight gains at a faster pace on taking this steroid in the recommended dosages. It has been seen that no such side effects have been experienced by the users, who have taken this steroid in a higher dosage than as recommended. The Dianabol is also known by several other names known as the Dbol, Averbol, Danabol, etc. in the world of bodybuilding.

The comparison between Anadrol and Dianabol has shown that the Anadrol is the strongest variant of testosterone. This steroid does not cause any side effects that are associated with the DHT. The users making use of Anadrol can get noticeable results in a shorter period of time. But, the individuals must also be aware of the fact that the intake of this steroid gives rise to bloating or breast enlargement in men. The only disadvantage of taking this steroid is that it makes the individual lethargic. The users can have higher liver values, whereas the Dianabol has the reputation of reducing the SHBG levels in the body of an individual, so as to produce more testosterone.

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