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The Government of Canada has  launched a one if its kind start-up visa program to attract the smartest young immigrant entrepreneur minds to its country to grow and prosper through investments from top private sector organisations. To apply for this start-up visa, entrepreneurs have to first get a minimum investment of at least 200 thousand CAD from a Canadian venture capital fund or 75 thousand CAD from a Canadian angel investor. Unlike other countries, Canada provides permanent residency to the founders of these start-ups and their immediate family members. It doesn’t matter whether your business is going to turn into a successor not as long as it is able to convince investors to put their money in it. So if you want to lay a solid foundation to your dream company, come to Canada!

Advantages of starting your business in Canada

  • According to Forbes magazine, Canada is the ideal country to do a business with. It has had a steady economic growth and a great fiscal position.
  • Also Canada is not a very expensive country to survive in. Even the rate of the taxes paid is quite less.
  • The research and development institutions in Canada have great infrastructure with highly functioning labs, innovation incentives and scientific talent.
  • The quality of life in Canada is top of the class thanks to the highly qualified, multicultural and flexible workforce.

How to apply for a start up visa?

  • First you need to get a commitment from a Canadian venture capital fund or a Canadian angel investor.
  • The CIC, now known as the IRCC has collaborated with several agencies and organisations to find private sector organisations to participate in investments.
  • Go online and look up the list of investors.
  • Contact some of these investors who you think would be interested in investing I’m your start up and convince them as to why your idea is worth investing in. You should be able to convince them that you are capable enough to start and run a business program in Canada and efficiently sustain it.
  • Like all other visa applications you’ll be asked to undergo a medical examination and a police clearance. They will also check your financial status through bank statements, tax return certificates etc.
  • You also need to have a good grasp over the Official languages of Canada, that is English and French. For this you need to submit your IELTS score. Also you should have completed one year of studying post your secondary school certificate.

So entrepreneurs looking for investors to invest money in their business can come to Canada as long as the idea is innovative, their start-up is at some level able to create jobs for Canadians other that their own family members and it improves the economy of Canada.

So if you are a business man in India, you have a good chance of being successful in India if you get to immigrate there using a Canada investors entrepreneur visa.

Make sure you consult professional visa expert or an immigration expert in case of any doubts.


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