Cheque bounce and its legalities

Insufficient funds in the account of the issuer of a cheque can lead to cheque bounce; this is not the only reason for it and we shall talk about the other reasons when we go further. Cheque bounce is a situation which is quite embarrassing for the one who has issued the cheques and disheartening for the one in whose name the cheque was issued.

Cases related to cheque bounce are handled by a cheque bounce advocate, who has specialised in legal matters and deals with such cases only. Mumbai has a quite a few cheque bounce advocates, so those who are facing a legal problem like cheque bounce can easily find a top advocate for cheque bounce in Mumbai.

Situations for cheque bounce

  • Overwriting on the cheque can lead to the cheque getting bounced.
  • Insufficient funds in the account of the payee can also be one of the reasons.
  • In case the account from which the cheque was issued has been closed.
  • If the figures and the number mentioned on the cheque are not in sink or do not match with each other.
  • If the cheque issued was submitted after a period of three months; after three months a cheque stands in valid.
  • The account number should be written correctly if not then the cheque can get bounced.
  • The issuer of the cheque passed away suddenly before the cheque was submitted.
  • The cheque should never be crossed because then it can lead to it getting bounced.
  • The overdraft limit should be maintained and not crossed if one wants the cheque to be passed.
  • Always check the cheque before submitting it, it should be submitted in the right branch else it can get bounced.
  • If the account holder stops the payment.
  • No cheque should be issued against a trust; to avoid the situation of cheque bounce.

These are some important situations in which the cheque can get bounce; so one really needs to be cautious while filling and signing the cheque. Always cross check it before submitting it to a bank in order to avoid the situation of cheque bounce. It is embarrassing for the issuer and also for the receiver.

Important points to remember

Before hiring a top cheque bounce advocate Mumbai there are a few things to remember:

  • Keep all teh documents needed for a cheque bounce situation ready like; the original cheque and the memo, the affidavit of evidence and the copy of the notice that was submitted.
  • The cheque bounce case should be filed in the area where the cheque was issued; this rule has been introduced by the Supreme Court.
  • There is no compulsion of filing a case in such a situation with an attorney; it can be done by oneself also.

It is important to keep all these things in mind while filing a cheque bounce case and while looking for a cheque bounce advocate.

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