All about secretarial office aptitude test

The aptitude test for the Secretarial and office is very much validated scientifically test. It is designed in such a way as so to measure and evaluate important aspects of personality and behaviour of a person. It is further important also to determine how one will perform in jobs that need secretarial aptitude. The aptitude test secretaries are also a psychometric tool which helps in analysing the very important traits which have a great influence in the secretarial and office work. It is very sure that on completing this test the candidate will be provided a very comprehensive report on various traits and also an overall summary report. This report can also be used as a hiring recommendation as well.

All about secretarial office aptitude test

Below are the personality traits which will be measured and determined through the secretarial office aptitude tests:

  1. Secretarial Skills: This is one of the most skills which will be tested in this aptitude test. These skills are mainly involving responsibilities such as documentation, time management, public interactions, business correspondence skills etc. These skills are considered utmost important for secretarial jobs and roles
  2. Organizing Ability: The secretary officers are required to be well organized. With changing environment in the organization, secretary officers are required to adapt to these changes quickly. They should understand the requirements of their bosses well in advance so as to be proactive.
  3. Sense of Ethics: Ethics is one of the most important characteristics in a secretary. They are exposed to a numerous details and information which are restricted and confidential in nature. Hence it is necessary that the secretary officers maintain the level of ethics so as to not haphazard the reputation of the company.
  4. Interpersonal Skills: The secretary officer’s job is all about people management and getting things done from other people (inside as well as outside the organization). This required him/her to have interpersonal skills to drive into any issues and quickly solve such issues.
  5. Personal Grooming and Office Etiquette: The jobs of the secretary officers also involve working with high executives within the company as well as outside. This requires them to be always well groomed and high in office etiquette as well. They need to be able to well communicate with these high executives effectively and efficiently.
  6. Versatility: They need to be versatile as well in all the duties they perform. It is important to understand the key points of the requirements and have better computer skills such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, notes etc. They are required to have accurate typing skills as well. This will help to outstand in most of their duties and become indispensable.

The aptitude test secretaries are a proven method to help companies and supervisors to identify the right candidate for the job. The test scores help in screening the applications and identify the good employee based on the above professional and important traits. The job of a secretary office is very demanding and he or she needs to be well responsible


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