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A glance at the popular positions of breastfeeding

Though the philosophy of breastfeeding is considered to be a simple one, it does not occur in a natural manner. If you are aware about the best positions of breastfeeding it is going to provide you with a satisfying experience of sorts. Now the question is which the best position for breastfeeding baby is. There are a few of them and each of them does have its merits along with demerits. You need to understand the fact that the mother has plenty of support and they are comfortable. You should start by supporting your legs or arms and if the need arises you can put your feet up as well.

philosophy of breastfeeding

The baby has to be close to you so that they do not need to turn their head to nurse. Ideally they should be facing your nipple and bending is not recommended as it could lead to sore nipples. If the baby does latch on to your nipple that hurts you, then slowly move them aside and see.  Now let us understand the best positions for breastfeeding as follows

Cross cradle

This works out to be the most comfortable position as you sit on a chair with armrests. The baby should be held in the crook of your arm and this is from the breast that you are feeding from. The back of the baby needs to hold with an open arm. One may need to guide the mouth of the baby towards the nipple. Once you have got hold of this position you can opt for the cradle hold.

Cradle hold

Once the baby is cradled on the lap, they need to be lying by your side. If the need arises you can use pillows to lift and support the baby. In fact pillow support is bound to be needed in the first few weeks when the size of a baby is too small. To figure out whether the baby has latched on properly it is suggested that the mouth of the baby needs to cover at least half of your nipple.

Breastfeeding in a laid back manner

Here you do lie on a couch that is going to support your head and shoulders. Once again support and having plenty of support is the key. You need to rest the baby in any position that makes it comfortable. Do check the baby with regards to the breast and guide them to the nipple.

Clutch position

Women who have been part of a C section are likely to find this position to be more comfortable. The main reason of it is that the baby is kept away from the incision. The head of the baby is supported by the hand and the arm supports the back. The other arm may go on to support the breast. The baby should be facing the mother at the nipple height. If the baby is smaller in size, then nipples may be needed to bring them to the correct height.

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