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As the medication and medicine prices soar high, a lot of people look for alternative healing and medicine and over the years, a lot of health experts have proven the effectiveness or herbal medication which has been used in the old times but was replaced by synthetic drugs in the 20th century.

A lot of herbalists and alternative medicine experts are pushing their advocacy to consume the much safer alternative healing brought by herbal medication and one of the most effective and proven alternative medicine is the Indian Gooseberry which mainly focuses in the benefit of the liver, heart, and the brain.

Indian Gooseberry is popularly consumed by people seeking alternative medication in the form of a tea. Luckily for us, our friends from Amla Green Tea Powder will provide us with a brief but very informational article about Indian Gooseberry.

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Amla Green Tea Powder is purely made from the Indian Gooseberry extract. Indian Gooseberry is considered as an effective antioxidant and a superfood by health experts. For more information click on a amlagreen noted site  to view the full webpage of the product.

Indian gooseberry is an exotic food which is commonly used and consumed by the Hindu communities in India as a regular staple and an alternative medication for their illnesses.

Gooseberries are already considered a good and effective exotic fruit in many countries and have been used for alternative medicine and there are also studies that show proof that this super fruit has a lot of benefits that range from reducing cholesterol levels to even fighting cancer.

Gooseberries are endemic to the Asian continent. Its scientific name is Phyllanthus Emblica or is popularly known as amla. There is a range of sizes of Indian gooseberries but it’s not that large. Indian gooseberries look like a small watermelon with stripes but have a light greenish-yellow colour. People who tasted a raw Indian gooseberry described it as a sour, strong and bitter. Indian people eat it by pairing with salt to neutralize the sour and bitter taste.

Alternative medicine experts claimed that Indian gooseberries have tons of health benefits because it contains phytochemicals which is very helpful in preventing and fighting cancer cells. It is also a proven healthy supplement for liver health, it also helps reduce cholesterol level and controls blood sugar. It is also healthy for the colon since it promotes regular bowel movement to prevent constipation. It also helps prevent rheumatism and arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory substance. It is also known for its skin and hair benefits and enhances the cognitive function of our brain.

However, Indian gooseberries are popularly known for containing large amounts of phytochemicals that fight free radicals and toxins. We are all aware that free radicals and toxins help develop some serious diseases and even worse, cancer.

Phytochemicals such as furosin, corilagin, quercetin and gallic acid are known for producing and renewing healthy cells in our body that helps fight toxins and free radicals.

Also, alternative medicine experts consider Indian gooseberries in the detoxification of our liver by secreting bile to help digest fats and also helps enhance the production of important proteins that helps the liver keep healthy.

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